Wow! And a competition!

Today on site in the ‘Magazine covers we love this week’ section:

AdVantage, February 2013


Every so often AdVantage magazines comes up with a really creative concept! And February 2013 is one of those covers. But there’s more to the cover that what just meets the eye… “We see Harold, a hapless businessman who can’t see what Durban has to offer. Right behind him Durban lies bursting at the seams with business opportunities. He’s blinded by his entrenched attitudes, which tell him Durban is a backwater, not fit for serious business”, says Kevin Power from Conversation Lab, the agency that created the cover. (Hint – we counted 17).

WIN! R500 worth of vouchers (from iTunes, Amazon or Exclusive Books). Just tell us how many KZN businesses you can identify in the illustration. The answer with the largest number of correct answers win. Email your answers to 2mark at Pu ‘Durban’ in the cover line. Entries close on 28 Feb 2012 at 5pm.